Using Sotrafa geomembranes to eradicate invasive cane

The invasive cane which grows on riverbanks has a negative impact on a river´s ecosystem, due to its uncontrolled growth, high water consumption etc.

It is extremely difficult to eradicate as it quickly grows back after being cleared, and can even grow 1 metre /week in very hot periods.

Cutting the cane down clears the riverbank but does not remove the root (rhizome), which means that it starts to grow back in just a few days. This is where Alvatech geomembranes can play an effective role.

The sheet is placed on a cleared riverbank, and the accumulation of heat and generation of gases quickly asphyxiates the roots of the cane.

After the geomembrane has been removed, the riverbank can be replanted with native plant species to help rebuild the native plant populations, and restore the natural ecosystem of the river.