Alvatech White Layer

A waterproofing membrane made of polyethylene (HDPE or LLDPE), bicolour, with a white upper surface and black underside.

The white surface is UV-stable, and is ideal for waterproofing tunnels and spaces with poor visibility and high temperatures.

The white surface accumulates less heat than a black surface, with a difference between the two of between 20 and 23º C. As a result, it is possible to work for longer periods, and the number of geomembrane waves or wrinkles is reduced.

Characteristics and advantages

Greater visibility in closed spaces (tunnels and water tanks)

Enhanced structural performance

Less thermal ageing

Facilitates visual inspections during installation

Greater flatness

Product specifications

Thicknesses From 0.75 mm to 3.00 mm
Width 7.5 m and 5.8 m – Other widths available upon request

Additional information:

Ambient air temperature (ºC) HDPE geomembrane lining Temperature of HDPE geomembrane lining (ºC) ºC difference with smooth black lining
30 Smooth black 67
Textured Black 64 -3
Grey/White 49 -18
White 43 -24
18 Smooth Black 25
White 17 -8
HDPE geomembrane lining C (X10 / ºC) AT (ºC) L (mm) AL (mm) d AL
Black 2,4 x 10-4 67-25=42 100 x 103 630 mm
White 2,4 x 10-4 43-17=26 100 x 103 390 mm -240 mm

Source: Cadwallader, Cranston y Peggs 1993

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