Alvatech LLDPE

A waterproofing membrane made with a formulation based on linear polyethylene which gives it excellent flexibility and weldability. It is used to seal disposal sites, as floating cover and, in general, structures that require a waterproof barrier that is more elastic than high-density polyethylene.

We also offer a textured version, Alvatech LLDPE FIX, which is textured on one or both sides and is 7.5 metres wide. It has a high coefficient of friction on steep slopes.


Mining (mineral leaching and salt evaporation)

Environment (MSW disposal sites, thermal power stations, wastewater treatment etc.)

Hydraulics (irrigation reservoirs, canals, aquaculture etc.)

Underground structures (tunnels, radon barriers, phreatic water barriers)

Characteristics and advantages

  • High chemical resistance
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy installation
  • Extremely flexible

Product specifications

Thicknesses From 0.75 mm to 3.00 mm
Width 7,5m and 5,8m – Other widths available upon request

If you need a product data sheet, or any other product documents, please don´t hesitate to ask us.