Alvatech Antievaporation Thermofilm

This bioleaching membrane, also called Thermofilm, is a polyethylene sheet used in the bioleaching of sulphide metals in low-grade mining.

The sheet is placed on the drip irrigation network and has the following advantages:

  1. Promotes microbial activity during metal leaching, as it maintains the temperature in mineral heaps.
  2. Prevents significant evaporation from the drip irrigation in mineral leaching heaps, as the vapours condense on the film and fall back onto the earth.

Characteristics and advantages

Reduces water evaporation by around 80% → Lower operating costs

High thermal conductivity which improves the uptake kinetics by up to 4% → Improved performance

Reduction in operating costs

Sheets with very large widths that can cover large surfaces.

More uniform irrigation

Product specifications:

Thicknesses 140 microns
Width From 10 m to 20 m

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