Alvatech 5002 (HDPE)

A smooth waterproofing membrane made of high-density polyethylene.

The specific formulation of this product gives it excellent weldability, enhancing its mechanical properties and chemical resistance. It is manufactured by a flat die extrusion process (calendering system) using the latest technology, which ensures excellent thickness control and a uniform surface finish (with a slight relief to make the product easier to install on the structure).

The 7.5 m width optimises installation costs and quality control on site, and significantly reduces the number of welding seams required to attach the membrane to the structure, when compared with a narrower sheet.


Mining (mineral leaching and salt evaporation)

Environment (MSW disposal sites, thermal power stations, wastewater treatment etc.)

Hydraulics (irrigation reservoirs, canals, aquaculture etc.)

Underground structures (tunnels, radon barriers, phreatic water barriers)

Characteristics and advantages

High chemical resistance

High mechanical resistance

Extremely durable.

Enhanced structural performance

Product specifications

Thicknesses From 0.75 mm to 3.00 mm
Width 7.5 m and 5.8 m – Other widths available upon request

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