Alvatech HTR

A high density polyethylene membrane designed for applications where the waterproofing barrier has to withstand high temperatures (over 60º Celsius). It is mainly used in food industry processes, hot springs, wastewater treatment, etc.

The Alvatech HTR geomembrane has a smooth or textured surface, with spikes on both sides for waterproofing on steep slopes, and a sheet width of 5.8 metres and 7.5 metres.

Characteristics and advantages

Resistant up to 100º C

High chemical resistance

Extremely durable

Excellent mechanical resistance

Product specifications

Thicknesses From 1.50 mm to 3.00 mm
Width 7.5 m and 5.8 m –Other widths available upon request

Additional information

Ageing: HP-OIT retained after 6 months

HP-OIT retention (minutes)

Exposure time (days)

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