The Armando Alvarez Group was started in 1964, and currently has 11 factories that are all equipped with the latest technology, which has helped the Group to position itself as the leading polythene converter in the Spanish and European markets.

When the Group first began it focused on the treatment of wood in the construction and chemical industry sectors. However, over time it has succeeded in transforming itself into one of the most important industrial groups in Europe, while always staying true to its roots.

It also has a presence in other strategic sectors in Spain, such as the transport, energy and hotel sectors.

Our volume of plastic conversion currently stands at over 380,000 tonnes. All of the companies in the group have ISO 9001 quality management certification.

SOTRAFA, since 2005  has manufactured and supplied over 100 million m2 of geomembranes to four main sectors: mining, hydraulics, environmental and civil.

Our Geomembranes

Alvatech® geomembranes are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 quality management certification, and fully comply with the quality standards required by the regulations applicable to each market:

European regulations

UNE-EN 13361:2013 (reservoirs) // UNE-EN 13362:2013 (canals)
UNE-EN 13491:2013 (tunnels and underground structures)
UNE-EN 13492:2013 (liquid waste disposal sites)
UNE-EN 13493:2013 (solid waste disposal sites)
UNE-EN 15382:2013 (transportation infrastructure)

And quality certificates such as ASQUAL

* GRI GM13 specification: smooth and textured HDPE geomembranes
* GRI GM17 specification: smooth and textured LLDPE geomembranes

Sotrafa guarantees the perfect performance of Alvatech® geomembranes thanks to its use of the best polyethylene resins which, together with the primary and secondary antioxidants, significantly increase the design life of the sheets.

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