Accessory products


This is a connecting piece which fastens geomembranes to a concrete structure, and guarantees complete air and watertightness. It has three anchors which are inserted into the concrete, and a 140 mm wide band to which the geomembranes are welded by extrusion.
This high density polyethylene profile is used to attach the impermeable barrier (geomembrane) to a horizontal or vertical concrete surface (walls or floors), and guarantees complete air and watertightness.

The profile is inserted into the finished surface of fresh concrete, and its 3-anchor design with striations on the inner side ensures that it completely adheres to the concrete.
The geomembrane should be welded to the profile through the centre by extrusion



Extrusion welding wire with a formulation based on polyethylene, which provides excellent weldability and makes it extremely compatible with Alvatech geomembranes. It is ideal for welding HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes by extrusion. It is available in 4 mm and 5 mm.

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