Alvatech HP-OIT

A waterproofing membrane made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with an additional antioxidant additive package which extends its design life.

This additional stabilisation means the geomembrane can be used in projects with more abrasive chemical products or more extreme service conditions. The additional antioxidants are more resistant in this type of environment, and are retained inside the polymer matrix. Consequently, the mechanical properties of the Alvatech HP-OIT geomembrane will not deteriorate over time.


Alvatech HTR provides solutions for industries and applications which require high temperature resistance:

Petroleum and gas industry

Wastewater treatment.

Power plants and applications of geothermal systems

Landfills and biosolids management

Characteristics and advantages

High chemical resistance

Excellent mechanical resistance

Extremely durable.

Greater UV resistance

Product specifications:

Thicknesses From 0.75 mm to 3.00 mm
Width 7.5 m and 5.8 m – Other widths available upon request

Additional information

3 stages in the ageing of most geomembranes

Source: Koerner, Robert “In-situ temperature monitoring of geomembranes”.

Lifetime prediction of HDPE (nonexposed) at various field temperatures.

In service temperature (ºC) Stage “A” (years) Stage “B” Total (years) Stage “C” Total (years) Total Prediction *  (years)
Standard OIT High Press. OIT OIT Average
20 200 215 208 30 208 446
25 135 144 140 25 100 265
30 95 98 97 20 49 166
35 65 67 66 15 25 106
40 45 47 46 10 13 69

* Total = Stage A (Average) + Stage B + Stage C

Source: Koerner, Robert “In-situ temperature monitoring of geomembranes”.

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