SEIMILANO, a “green residential area” in Milano

SeiMilano is an urban and landscape regeneration project, a new multifunctional district with offices, shopping centres and residences, in a park of more than 16 hectares.

The area is located at the southwest of Milan, Bisceglie, where a popular neighbourhood is being created, an “inhabited park” at the service of the city.

The following has been delivered:

The smooth Alvatech geomembrane was used to waterproof the entire flat surface, while the Alvatech Fix geomembrane was used to waterproof the Olona riversides.

The installation with ALVATECH HDPE geomembranes is easy and quick, in particular with Alvatech FIX as it significantly increases the friction angle at the interface with the ground.

SOTRAFA, always ready to take a step forward and adapt to market demands.

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Video of the work: SEIMILANO