Preparation of the ground prior to the insatallation of geomembrane

A fundamental issue in the waterproofing process is the correct preparation of the ground and surrounding area prior to the installation of the ALVATECH geomembrane; in order to guarantee greater stability on the ground and better durability of the polyethylene sheet.

There are several characteristics of the terrain that must be present. First of all, the area must be regular and uniform. The material being covered must have a uniform consistency with an absence of larger rocks etc, that can cause punctures in the geomembrane.

Another very important characteristic is compaction, which can be done by natural consolidation or by mechanical tamping. The compacting operation should be accompanied by a weed cleaning and residue removal treatment. The land must be compacted both at the base and on the slopes; reaching a value of arond 95% of the Standard Optimum Proctor(*).

If the composition of the ground material is sand or clay, free of materials that could puncture the liner, a direct installation of the geomembrane on said surface could be carried out. However it is recommended in most cases that an anti-puncture geotextile is laid first in order to protect the liner.

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(*) Test carried out to confirm the maximum dry density of a soil with respect to the humidity of a terrain. After the test, there must be at least 95% of the value found in the test on site, to avoid stability problems.