There is an increasing need for this application in the hydraulics sector, and the Geosynthetics Division of the Armando Alvarez Group has worked hard to offer solutions through a wide range of products in the areas of irrigation/ drinking water/artificial snow reservoirs, canals, aquaculture, and floating covers:

Reservoirs: for agricultural irrigation, golf courses, in high mountain areas for artificial snow, solar thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants etc.

Canals: for agricultural irrigation, inter-basin transfers, etc.

Aquaculture: intensive production of shrimps and tilapia, in shallow ponds waterproofed with 0.75 mm or 1 mm HDPE geomembranes as a prophylactic measure to prevent water pollution.

Floating covers: to eliminate evaporation and maintain water quality.  They also deodorise tailings ponds and capture methane from organic waste.

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