Have you ever thought about the life expectancy of a Geomembrane?


This is an often asked question. However, it is important to know that different factors can affect the outcome.

– Environmental factors (pressure, temperature, humidity…)

– Quality of the geomembrane

– Thickness of the geomembrane

– Materials and chemical components in contact with the geomembrane

These combinations are infinite, but with good technical advice and considering the manufacturer’s suggestions we can ensure a minimum of 20 years of useful life.

For those projects with very high risk and degradation factors we have developed 2 types of high performance geomembranes to always offer a reliable solution.

Alvatech HTR: a high performance geomembrane with increased temperature resistance, chemical resistance, degradation resistance and improved mechanical properties.

Alvatech HP-OIT: In projects where the geomembrane is subjected to harsh conditions. Alvatech HPOIT will be the ideal choice to ensure optimum performance.

However, there are also projects where the characteristics of the geomembrane require the creation of a totally unique geomembrane. With over 40 years of experience in polyethylene formulation, Sotrafa has become the ideal partner for all those projects with a high technical complexity where the specific formulation of HDPE is the only viable option.

Our technology, experience and use of premium raw materials place us at the forefront of specific geomembrane  formulation.

Always choose a manufacturer that has the knowledge and experience to go where no one else can! Choose SOTRAFA.