SOTRAFA launches its new brochure for the mining industry

Minerals are the basis of most materials and chemical elements that we need to live. In the extraction process of these minerals, Geosynthetics play a fundamental role.

With millions of square meters installed in large-scale mining projects around the world, our ALVATECH Geomembranes are applied from the earliest stage of the leaching process to the closure and decommissioning stage of mining sites; providing added value thanks to the high mechanical and durability properties of our liner.

The proper use of our ALVATECH Geomembranes in Mining guarantees a sustainable operation with the environment, a reduction in resource costs and a safe containment of the materials on site.

SOTRAFA and modern mining activity share a total responsibility for #sustainability.


SOTRAFA, Geosynthetics Manufacturers, has a highly qualified Quality Control Department and a Laboratory equipped with the latest technology that allows testing of all mechanical and durability properties, and these are reflected in our Technical Data Sheets. Thanks to this, we can meet the requirements of the most demanding markets and contribute to the development of new sectors that require exhaustive quality and extreme security, such as the mining sector.


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